At Loving Hands Pharmacy, we provide a family feel pharmacy by giving personalized care and attention to each and every customer. We are a locally-owned, full-service pharmacy offering free delivery, prior authorization, and more.  Our pharmacists understand the stress of having a doctor fill out prior authorization and will work with any physician and insurance company to ensure medication is approved as quick as possible. Unlike, large chain pharmacies, Loving Hands provides customers with prescription drugs in a personal, fast, affordable and efficient manner, while creating a welcoming feel for each customer to feel right at home.
Loving Hands Pharmacy provides FREE delivery, NO Waiting / No Lines policy of no more 10-15 minutes max (depending on number of Rxs to be filled).  We carry hard to find OTC items, some medical supplies (canes, walkers, Incontinence products). We also provide online / mobile Refill requests for your convenience. 

At Loving Hands, we are very experienced in Insurance Prior Authorizations for non-formulary and Specialty medications that are normally not covered.  If your insurance company is refusing to cover the medication your doctor says will absolutely help you, then turn to Loving Hands for help.  We do our best in getting your medications covered.    ​

​We also provide calendar blister packs for Assisted Living Homes or for personal use to ensure medications are taken during the exact days and times prescribed by your doctors.
    Meet Iman Masih, the owner of Loving Hands Pharmacy. Iman is an electrical and computer engineer by career and has worked at many engineering companies, both private and government. She also worked for the US Navy at Port Hueneme for 10 years before deciding to help with the family pharmacy business full time. Since 2012, Iman has been working hard growing the pharmacies, ensuring caring and honest service to each and every individual.


  1. "What a wonderful pharmacy tech they have there she is above and beyond on what a person and a hard worker she is. Please go here to just see how fast she can make your day with precision and a smile that'll light up your day."
    Jim J.
  2. "Loving Hands Pharmacy goes above and beyond always exhibiting exceptional care for their patients. I find that they always go the extra mile by delivering prescriptions (for free) when I need them and can't leave because one of my kids is napping or sick. They once even stayed after hours to give me my prescription because my doctor's office had called it 1 minute before they closed."
    Elke S.
  3. "This is the best pharmacy I've ever been to! First of all, they are SO nice and welcoming to their customers. When you walk in, they take your prescription and then show you to this awesome waiting room stocked with tons of magazines, water, coffee, tea, crackers, cookies and a really big bowl of candy."
    Jenny N.
  4. "I had the pleasure of meeting Mariana (I hope I didn't spell that wrong) today and I am now a huge fan of Loving Hands pharmacy! She was an absolute pleasure and I am officially done with those none personable BIG corporate pharmacies!!"
    J W.